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Hay bales in Berovo

David Bilides and Dragi Spasovski are your hosts for discussions and samples of all 54 Macedonian folk songs in Dragi's 3-CD project, as well as stories about the recordings, musicians, Dragi's life, and Macedonian culture in general. You can download each episode individually under the links section for that episode, listen to an audio stream of each episode, or you can subscribe to the entire series through one of the links on the right sidebar.

Episode 37: Ne plači, Stano mori

Dragi learned this entral Macedonian song from a gajda player in his village. The song, with the sad theme of a young woman engaged by her mother to an older man, features a "sajče", an elaborate woman's upper garment. We also discuss this third and last cd of Dragi's series, which will also feature Dragi's mother.

Audio and Links for Episode 37

Episode 37: Ne plači, Stano mori (25:02)

Ne plači, Stano mori (Dragi Spasovski, Track 17)

Sevdalino maloj mome (Divna Lazareva), 1:42)

Ne plači, Stano mori (Vaska Ilieva), 2:29)

Ne plači, Leno mori (Petranka Kostadinova), 2:56)

Ne plači, Leno mori (Meri Minas), 3:04)

Ne plači, Stanče, ne žali (Jordanka Smilevska), 4:06)

Snošti se riza (Meri Minas), 3:56)

19 January 2019

Episode 36: Na Stolče Sedam, Pismo Pišuvam

This love song from Prilep again features Zaharinka Milosaljeviḱ. Dragi talks about the problems inherent in productions of čalgija songs featuring singers who were not of that tradition.

Audio and Links for Episode 36

Episode 36: Na Stolče Sedam, Pismo Pišuvam (23:02)

Na Stolče Sedam, Pismo Pišuvam (Dragi Spasovski, Track 17)

Na Stolče Sedam, Pismo Pišuvam (Zaharinka Milosaljeviḱ (Vrtanoska), 2:22)

Otidov v Selo (uncredited), 2:19)

Fati se boe, mori (Ilinka Angelova and Dragi Spasovski), 4:23)

Mome sedi na visoki (Blaga Petreska), 2:20)

Stanvaj, Donke, stanvaj ḱerko (Pepe Baftirovski), 4:36)

Promenila mi se mamo (Petranka Kostadinova), 2:19)

Devojčence milo moe (Violeta Tomovska), 3:30)

Turi, majko, turi (Kosturčanki 3:20)

27 July 2018