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David Bilides and Dragi Spasovski are your hosts for discussions and samples of all 54 Macedonian folk songs in Dragi's 3-CD project, as well as stories about the recordings, musicians, Dragi's life, and Macedonian culture in general. You can download each episode individually under the links section for that episode, listen to an audio stream of each episode, or you can subscribe to the entire series through one of the links on the right sidebar.

Episode 57: Sva noḱ e Stanka sedela

This episode marks the conclusion of the podcasts of the 54 songs in Dragi's 3-CD set. We will be continuing the show after this episode with more wonderful songs, but are delighted to have reached this milestone after 16 years. Dragi learned this song from his mother, Rajna, and it was the last song he talked with her about before she died. It is a ballad about two lovers with tragic consequences.

Audio and Links for Episode 57

Episode 57: Sva noḱ e Stanka sedela (33:42)

Sva noḱ e Stanka sedela (Dragi Spasovski, Track 21)

Stojne le mlada nevesto (Vaska Ilieva, 5:10)

Stojne, le, Stojne (Ahdonia, 5:50)

Stojna (Maria Dafka and Dine Doneff, 6:26)

03 July 2024

Episode 56: Tri godini, Kate, bolen ležam

Dragi discusses the long history of the Ohridski Trubaduri, who originally recorded this love song. He also talks at length about the wonderful vocalist Vanja Lazarova.

Audio and Links for Episode 56

Episode 56: Tri godini, Kate, bolen ležam (43:14)

Tri godini, Kate, bolen ležam (Dragi Spasovski, Track 20)

Tri godini Kate (Ansambl Biljana, 3:06)

Bog da bie Ruse (Ohridskite Trubaduri: Klime Sadilo so Orkestarot, 5:18)

Za Despina (Ohridski Trubaduri, 5:56)

Čifte čifte pajtonlari (Ansambl Biljana, 4:31)

Tri godini Kate bolen ležam (Vokalni kvintet Temjanuški, 2:40)

Tri godini Kate (Vaska Iieva, Blaga Videc, Blagoja Petrov Karaǵule, 2:49)

Mori Maro dilindaro (Vanja Lazarova, 1:08)

Devojče belo, crveno (Vanja Lazarova, 4:14)

Altano, kadano / U livadu potke / Kitče mi padna (Vaska Ilieva and Vanja Lazarova, 2:58)

Petro, Petrolinko (Vanja Lazarova, 7:00)

Slaga se sl'nce da zajde (Vanja Lazarova, 6:07)

22 March 2024